The Persuasion Lab with Martin Medeiros

#89: Insourcing after Outsourcing

August 26, 2021 Martin Medeiros
The Persuasion Lab with Martin Medeiros
#89: Insourcing after Outsourcing
Show Notes

Negotiating a contract with a third party is simple; but what if  you want to DIY? 

How should you get started?

This episode will walk you through some sample questions organizations should ask themselves: 

  1. What are the goals we want to achieve from outsourcing? 
  2. What are our core competencies and which services or functions are not core? 
  3. What would be the cross-functional impact of outsourcing?  
  4. What functions and services can the outside vendor manage better?  
  5. What are the most critical IT and data security issues?  
  6. What criteria should we use to select ‘what’ to outsource? 
  7.  How much experience does my IT organization have managing outsourced engagements?
  8. Finance 
  9. Audits should be done with credible third party

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