The Persuasion Lab with Martin Medeiros

#72: Honoring History to Improve the Present: the 36 Stratagems

April 22, 2021 Martin Medeiros
The Persuasion Lab with Martin Medeiros
#72: Honoring History to Improve the Present: the 36 Stratagems
Show Notes

I first came across the 36 Stratagems courtesy of Chin-Ning Chu -- while these methods originate from the life of the ancient Chinese Warrior Class, they're worth understanding, regardless of your culture. This episode will walk you through each stratagem, and a modern interpretation and business corollary. 

While today many of the stratagems are considered frankly unethical to translate into the world of business (remember, these were developed for surviving and thriving in times of war), knowing and understanding that these methods are used will support your strategies and tactics. 

Of course, given the climate of xenophobia and racism, let me say explicitly that I provide this information as an honor and tribute to Chinese culture. 

If I've made a mis-step in any of my translations and re-applications to modern life (from business to politics to diplomacy) PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out and let me know at [email protected] so that I can rectify and correct the issue(s)! 

The Persuasion Lab Podcast and all affiliated publications and team members condemn xenophobia, racism, and violence against all people, including those of Chinese and Asian descent.   

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